Leadership & MD training


The people who increasingly work on the shop floor and form the information-intensive flesh and blood of your organization are known as the information workers. The quality of your managers to a large extent determines how motivated these men and women are in their work.

The professionals at Sincere HR Development believe in the genuine character of the quality of leadership. Obviously "born leaders" can make the job a lot easier, (just as the opposite is also true) but our combination of practical experience, direct feedback and reflection contributes to targeted development of the competences of leaders.

We have a broad range of programmes in our portfolio, both for a manager starting out who feels the need for more competence development within 6 months to a year, and for the more experienced manager, who wants to focus on particular areas in more detail, or use a moment to reflect, about himself, his own team and the organization.

These programmes can also be run as independent activities. In addition, it is possible to organize a comprehensive development process on the basis of these programmes, which will meet your requirements in a tailor-made way and can be run over a longer period. A proposal for such a development process is described below: